Our Process

1. Consultation

Meet your Development Specialist. From the very first day to the last question you have, they will be your primary contact. They remain with you throughout the project to ensure you receive unwavering service and guidance.

At this meeting we take the time to explain the entire process in detail and provide you with information on timelines, land acquisition, finance and estimated budgets, the design process, planning approvals and the construction process. We look forward to answering any and all of your questions, remembering there is no such thing as a dumb questions.

2. Brief

To completely understand your vision and bring it to life we work with you to prepare a detailed project brief for our designer who will draft your new purpose-built development.

Details discussed in the brief include: land dimensions, general layout, staff offices, space optimization, utility requirements, height requirements, lighting, energy efficiency, car parking, storage, and other specific requirements.

Most clients attend these meetings with a notebook full of existing plans and considerations. Others seek inspiration from our Project Showcase Portfolio or leave us a blank canvas to unleash our creativity on.

3. Preliminary Plan

Based off the brief, your Development Specialist will provide a preliminary site plan of your new premises with some indicative pricing to ensure we are tracking inside your budget and meeting your objectives. Changes in scope are all easily implemented at this stage.

4. Design

The Client, Development Specialist and Designer collaborate, review and adjust the design so that it is flawless. Clients benefit from the expertise of our specialist team, who have researched the development and offer sound advice and guidance during this process.

Our designer will prepare an interactive, 3D computer generated image of your new premises that lets you explore every aspect of the build; review colours, finishes, styles, light.

5. Costings

With the design finalised our Estimator will prepare the fixed price quote for your review. It includes a full schedule of lease rates, terms and conditions, allowances, schedule of finishes and provisional cost sum*. To ensure full transparency the quote will be 100% itemised.

We know that sometimes your ideal is above your budget; and if necessary we will work with you to tweak the design to ensure we remain inside your budgets.

*Provisional Cost sum:
An allowance for the supply of all necessary items not yet finally selected by the client, for example taps or door fixtures. For example, the contract may allow $500 per internal door, but the doors you finally decide on may only be $440 each. In this case a variation will be processed for the difference and you will be refunded the additional $60. This will be settled in cash outside the Agreement for Lease.

6. Contracts and Planning Approvals

An Agreement for Lease contract will be prepared to secure the fixed price for your new premises and allow you to finalise board approval and financing matters.

We will prepare all necessary paperwork and lodge your development application with the Development Consent Authority. Once building approval is received the construction process can commence.

7. Provisional Items Selection

It’s time to make the place your own. The fixed price contract includes the PC allowances, estimated and agreed in contract, to give you flexibility in fittings and finishes.

Your Development Specialist will guide you through the selection process to make sure it is simple and stress free. This should be an exciting and enjoyable time and we encourage you to take your time and shop around to really personalise your premise with the finishing touches.

8. Construction

Once the construction process has commenced we remain flexible so that you are able to alter and amend the building as you see it unfold. Any variations in price during this process (up or down) will be explained and documented in full.

The standard construction process in brief:

  1. Civil works – Prepare the site (civil works)
  2. Pour the slab
  3. Block Work – Erect wall frames and roof trusses
  4. Install roof sheeting
  5. Rough in – Install internal plumbing, electrical wiring etc
  6. Install internal wall linings (insulation then plaster)
  7. Waterproof and tile wet areas
  8. Joinery and carpentry stage
  9. Fit-out – From faucets and floor coverings to final fix of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical services
  10. Practical completion – Inspection time! Walk through the near-finalised development and point out any items you feel still need attention.
9. Handover

You’re completely satisfied with the build, pay the final invoice and get hold of the keys.

10. Post construction support

This is the part most builders forget. We stay with you for 52 weeks post construction to ensure everything is running smoothly and our craftsmanship lives up to our promise.